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VSG Wine - Allesandro - Bianco Classico

VSG Wine - Allesandro - Bianco Classico

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Allesandro - Bianco Classico

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Colour: Bright green with a straw tint
Nose: Refreshing flavours of lime, citrus and melon with hints of honeysuckle tones
Palate: These flavours flow through onto a luscious palate which ends with a lingering crispness
Appreciation: A superb food- and pouring wine.
Food pairing: Enjoy with light meals and exceptional with sushi, sashimi, seared tuna.
Vintage: 2017
Blend: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay
Origin: Wine of Origin Robertson
Zandvliet Estate, established 1867 / 150ha


Dine with gioia

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